Documentation Services


Documentation Consulting Services

Gibson Enterprise Solutions (GES) provides a variety of Document Consulting Services to our clients.

We are a leading provider of no nonsense, no hype, no nickel and dime, and no, “one size fits all” documentation services approach. We will customize our program to provide you as much or as little as you need to get the job done. Done on time, done on budget, and done with Quality!  

Our experience and training gives you access to the tools and resources necessary to help you to achieve a completely documented project. Our staff is highly trained and certified, in virtually every major aspect of documenting real estate activities.  With our practical approach, we identify those items which are most important to you as a client, and document them in easy to read, and comprehensive reports.

Knowledge and experience can be gained in many ways. Ours comes from being on the job. Our knowledge and documentation experience is gained by physically being on site as a project is starting, progressing, and successfully completing. “Observing after the fact, doesn’t tell you the whole story.” Whether it be by only taking photos, or by full scale report preparation, we’ve been there, and continue to be there, as part of your real estate documentation team.