QA/QC Field Services

QA/QC Field Services

As with any construction project, planning and preparation combined, is only one part of the equation. While planning and preparation is a significant aspect of the construction process, the desired result can only be achieved when there is proper follow through in the field. Verification and confirmation of the physical construction, as it relates to the construction documents, is the only true means of delivering a high quality, low risk, and sustainable product to the owner.

In today’s construction environment, we strive to do “more with less“. Our project teams have become meeting planners, note takers, and schedulers. The days of project personnel having the time in their days to physically monitor the construction details have passed. It is a more specialized construction world, and we at Gibson Enterprise Solutions (GES) are a part of that specialization. Our focus is the construction, and that’s all we do!

At Gibson Enterprise Solutions (GES), we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a QA/QC Building Inspection program that is superior to most similar programs in use today. While our program is consistent with construction industry standards for manufacturer’s installation requirements and warranties, it remains flexible for every situation. This allows you, the client, to use as much or as little of the program as is necessary, to best fit your needs. We are your resource for field inspections.

Our QA/QC Building Inspection program focuses on opportunities to improve the construction quality, and not just to point out the bad. We communicate and work with your project team to find “solutions to problems“, in many cases before they become a bigger problem.

The GES QA/QC Building Inspection program is designed to monitor and document construction activities as they happen. We find that we are of most value to our clients when we are involved early and often. Observing a completed assembly, doesn’t always tell the whole story. We not only observe and document those assemblies and the construction associated to the installation of materials on the project, but we also tell the story of how we got there.

Our field inspections save you time and money by not having to perform costly rework, and significantly reduce the number of callbacks on a project. In addition, our documentation process will track through to conformance, not only those items which need repair or correction, but we document those correctly constructed assemblies which in some cases, will ultimately be concealed. Thus, creating a true recorded history of the project construction, which can be a valuable resource as properties owners change.

A customized QA/QC Building Inspection program schedule is developed for each project. No two projects are alike, and each is unique. We do not succumb to the adage of “one size fits all“. We will work with you and your project team to develop the construction inspection schedule, with a focused approach on the assemblies you desire, which best fits your needs. We are here to serve you!

Communication is paramount in our QA/QC Building Inspection program. GES field personnel will work with your project team to identify and resolve construction deficiencies as they arise. Our program is “solutions” oriented. We help you to keep the project moving forward! Our goal is to not only bring items to your attention when necessary, but to facilitate improvement as the construction progresses, and ultimately to contribute to a higher quality final product as a valuable project team member.


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