Document Review

Document Review

Every journey starts with a good map. In most cases, following the map will lead to the desired destination, and a trip that is on schedule, and on budget. However, one wrong turn, or even a slight deviation from the map, could result in ending up in an undesired location, with lost time, and serious cost overruns.

In the construction industry, the map is most often prepared by the architect of record, in the form of construction plans, and supplemental construction documents. The architect of record is responsible for the design of the construction project. Other parties, including the Owner, Developer, General Contractor, and a host of subcontractors, will contribute to, and follow the map as the project progresses. All of this to help to insure that the end result meets with the architect’s desired design intent, a structure that performs as required, and ultimately to the Owner’s satisfaction.

As a part of the GES Construction Consulting Services Program, a Construction Document Review will be performed. The purpose of this review will be to identify, note, or otherwise comment on various construction assemblies, design details, and the specific components associated to the materials in use on the project. With the introduction of new materials, and new construction methods on a near daily basis, a document review has become a virtual necessity in the construction industry, for every project.

The Construction Document Review should be performed early in the project, and prior to physical construction commencement. The Construction Document Review will be followed by the preparation of a report with a summary of those items noted during the review, and open for discussion by the entire project team.

Included in the Construction Document Review service is an on-site post review meeting. This meeting will include the opportunity for all parties deemed necessary by the client, to meet and discuss the results of the Construction Document Review. Then to subsequently relay the results of those discussions to the architect of record, for incorporation in to the construction documents.

The Construction Document Review is the first, and one of the most significant steps in pursuit of a defect free construction project. The items documented during the review, will often be the items which are of the greatest risk and the highest potential liability for the entire project team. Tracking these items, and verifying their correct construction and implementation in the field, is paramount for all parties. The information identified and subsequently resolved in the Construction Document Review, can often result in saving countless man hours, and ultimately thousands of dollars, on the project.

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